Antti Hynninen



Saxophonist and flutist Antti Hynninen is a versatile musician and producer. He’s in high demand as a producer for hip-hop, r’n’b and contemporary pop styles, including K-pop. Antti has worked as a sideman for Tuomari Nurmio, Tuomo Prättälä, Jannika B, Niila and Felix Zenger to name a few. He is also an extremely popular performer among the Finnish DJ scene and has been touring with several DJs around Finland. He has composed music for over 20 circus, dance and theatre plays.


Something about his versatility tells the difference between his two bands Rime and Auteur Jazz. Our Kingdom, the debut album of Rime that was released in Germany in 2011, presented electronic soulmusic, whereas Auteur Jazz plays more traditional jazz. The debut album of Auteur Jazz was a nominee for the Jazz-Emma Award in 2009 and on the same year the album was awarded with the Record of the Year in the Funky Awards.


Photo: Maija Hynninen